Eggplant functional

I love playing with new tools and technology. First time I really dove into a polished testing product and enjoyed it! Free trial-ed it…

eggPlant Functional has revolutionized functional test automation with its patented image-based approach to GUI testing.

Filmed a few screencasts to show how it works….


Wise words from an experienced programmer…

a couple of excerpts taken from the linked blog post…



  • You are a wizard harry. Programming is basically magic. Think about it – we study hard and pore over our books of lore (the computer + internet), to make spells (programs). Wizards can teach other wizards how to cast their magic. We can make things happen in the world spontaneously, and create wonderous devices anyone can use. (Like the internet and mobile phones). These devices can do things that would be impossible without our skills.


  • Use the internet. Every problem you have in the first year you learn to program is a problem 100 other people have had before you. And all the answers are recorded online. The sooner you become effective at googling for programming help, the happier you’ll be. Caveat: Don’t ever take any code snippets you find online if you don’t understand how they work.

How to destroy Programmer Productivity


great blog post with great tips….

Originally posted on George Stocker:

The following image about programmer productivity is making its rounds on the internet:

programmer productivity in a graph

As Homer Simpson might say, it’s funny because it’s true.

I haven’t figured out the secret to being productive yet, largely because I have never been consistently productive. Ever. Joel Spolsky talks about this in one of his blog posts:

Sometimes I just can’t get anything done.

Sure, I come into the office, putter around, check my email every ten seconds, read the web, even do a few brainless tasks like paying the American Express bill. But getting back into the flow of writing code just doesn’t happen.

These bouts of unproductiveness usually last for a day or two. But there have been times in my career as a developer when I went for weeks at a time without being able to get anything done. As they say, I’m not in flow. I’m not in the…

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Brian’s Web Developer resources… links galore!


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Like I said in my earlier post…. here are most of my favorite bookmarks related to Web Development!

Hope these help you aspire to be a better developer because no one is the best, please share, and always keep learning!


My Web Developer resources for study and interview practice:

These are mostly Computer Science topics like Algorithms and Data structures for study and interview practice. Also included are a few links to free online courses such as MIT Open Courseware and the fun Harvard CS50 course I still need to find the time get through! Enjoy!
Data Stuctures

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