The Coming Code Bootcamp Destruction

Zed A. Shaw

For years I have been both for and against the rise of the “coding bootcamp” business. I’ve been for them because they aim to help people learn to code and try to keep costs low compared to a similar degree from a university. I’ve been against them because most just take my books, teach my material, then rip off students for $15k programs that don’t actually get anyone deployed. In one week I’ll be writing a post a day about these bootcamps and why they don’t work. I’ll expose a few of the bootcamps that are abusive, in the hopes that future students avoid them. This will be a tough week for many people, but I’ve reached a point where I feel this needs to be done.

I’ve been in a unique position to hear information from students because of my books and many of them email me or meet…

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Eggplant functional

I love playing with new tools and technology. First time I really dove into a polished testing product and enjoyed it! Free trial-ed it…

eggPlant Functional has revolutionized functional test automation with its patented image-based approach to GUI testing.

Filmed a few screencasts to show how it works….


Wise words from an experienced programmer…

a couple of excerpts taken from the linked blog post…



  • You are a wizard harry. Programming is basically magic. Think about it – we study hard and pore over our books of lore (the computer + internet), to make spells (programs). Wizards can teach other wizards how to cast their magic. We can make things happen in the world spontaneously, and create wonderous devices anyone can use. (Like the internet and mobile phones). These devices can do things that would be impossible without our skills.


  • Use the internet. Every problem you have in the first year you learn to program is a problem 100 other people have had before you. And all the answers are recorded online. The sooner you become effective at googling for programming help, the happier you’ll be. Caveat: Don’t ever take any code snippets you find online if you don’t understand how they work.